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Scholarship and SEAL Program Application Forms

Please note that the Scholarship and Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program application forms are now available for download.

Thursday Timetable Arrangements from Term 2 onwards

We at Lyndale Secondary College are committed to providing our students with a dynamic learning environment and engaging curriculum aimed at developing the capacity of every
student to exceed their personal best.
In order to design curriculum that effectively addresses the needs of all students at Lyndale Secondary College in line with Department requirements and research on innovative teaching
and learning, we will be re-structuring the college week, starting Term 2 2014.
Every Thursday, students will run on an alternate timetable that will see them dismissed at 2.15 PM while still having the required 300 minutes of instructional time. Every other day in the timetable will remain the same - only Thursday will be different.

House Events for Term 2 

Athletics carnival. (Thursday May 1st)
Got two functioning legs? Lungs that work to a reasonable level? Clothes that reflect the house you are in? Then sign up to compete in an array of track and field events!
Did you know that if an average person stumbled then fell over 10 times in a row, they would have covered the distance of an Olympic sprint? excuses then! J

Cross country carnival (Friday May 16th)
Don’t discard those legs, lungs and coloured clothes just yet! How about ticking the legs over with a mere few kilometres of tame terrain? Try out individually or grab a group of friends and encourage each other to complete the course without walking.

MOGHAL obstacle course (Friday May 16th)
Feel like a bit of fun? Well, by competing in the Cross Country event, you gain direct (and only) access to the mighty MOGHAL obstacle course.
MOGHAL  stands for Munro Oakwood Gladstone Halton @ Lyndale.

CAUTION: Students may suffer from uncontrollable smiles, outbursts of laughter and excessive levels of fun

It is the very first obstacle course to be constructed right here on the oval at Lyndale Secondary College. It has been designed to be a fun and challenging house event in conjunction with the house cross country carnival. Students will encounter stations that may require physical exertion, persistence, resolve, mental fortitude as well as stations that can be overcome with group co-operation. Stay tuned in assemblies and notice boards for the rules and regulations.


House Competiton Results

The tally for house points as it currently stands from 28/03 /2014:
Tally for House Points
Munro = 125 points
Gladstone = 85 points
Oakwood = 75 points
Halton = 60 points

With 3 big house events early in term 2, every house has the ability to snatch the lead,...can you hold onto it?


VCE Results Class of 2013

Students at Lyndale Secondary College have continued to achieve outstanding results in the Victorian Certificate of Education for 2013.

Sarah Petrovic (Dux) achieved an outstanding ATAR score of 99.35 placing her in the top 1% of students in the state. Fathima (Nisma) Illyas also achieved an extraordinary score of 98.7. Syed Daud (Dawood) Mehmood achieved a score of 95.5, closely followed closely by Huijing (Crystal) Chiam with 93.9. Other students who achieved exceptional results were Eric Tran with 92.75, Sabrina Rodriguez with 92.7 and Linda Souleiman with 90.35.

Congratulations to all of our students for a remarkable overall performance for 2013.

The ATAR is the ranking system used by all universities in Australia to assign students to various courses. At Lyndale Secondary College our objective is to provide students with the means to achieving the greatest ATAR in order to have the widest array of tertiary courses from which to choose.

Academically, 2013 produced a large number of outstanding Study Scores for students of the College enabling them to embark on further tertiary studies at Universities throughout Australia and beyond.

Of the 141 students that applied for University or TAFE entry, 89.36% received a first round offer. Of these students, 95 (67.4%) received a University offer.

Reminders for parents and students

Punctuality: All students are expected to arrive between 8.30 – 8.40am in the mornings so that instruction can start quickly. Form assembly takes place every morning between 8:40  - 8:45am Arrivals after that need to sign in at their respective sub school office before going to class.

Student Absence: We appreciate notification of student absence. We are still required to have a written note explaining the absence when your child has returned to school for the official records.

First Aider: The school First Aider (Donna McGrath and Helen Pasalskyj) is on duty each day from 8:40am till 3.00pm.

Medication: Parents wanting the school to administer any medication to students need to supply, written authority and instructions to the school office.

Bikes and Scooters: Students who ride their bikes or scooters inside the school grounds can pose a risk to others so please walk and remember to always wear a helmet.

Car Parking: As our student population is very high so is the potential number of cars dropping off and picking up children. Please be considerate of our neighbours and don’t park across their driveways. We strongly recommend you park your car in the designated parking areas of school grounds and walk safely to school using the appropriate manned school crossings. We do use local parking officers to remind parents of their obligations and maintain our excellent safety record.


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